Life and Choices Motivational Story - Know How You Should Live in 2017!

We are alive but are we living?

Waking up everyday and going to the same place just because you have to!
Would you still do that everyday if you didn't have a loan to pay or those lectures didn't count for your academics?
If all you had were 10 days would you still do this or would you say Fuck it I'm out and runaway?
If it doesn't excite you everyday why would you do it?
We ain't ever living forever!
So why live a monotonous schedule and call it a life?
We are brought up with the rules and fear that shape us into the people who live and do the same thing everyday and call it a life!
Life ain't about the money you earned or the charts you climbed to the top!
Why do we crave for younger days?

Because you were fearless! If there was an unknown road you'll go because you didn't have that fear of falling! You didn't have the fear of what people will talk about you!
We spend our lives thinking about what others will say about us and end up in a circle ⭕ of the same stupid life.
We are scared to be lonely so we stay with the same people! We are scared of our customs and society so we end up with people who made that circle of a straight path which they followed and expect you to do the same.
They are the people that'll bring you down if you go rogue and start challenging the customs.
The atheists aren't scared! People fear god. If we did this it might hurt God's feelings and he might punish us? These rules are made by people not god! God is flexible, people aren't!
If we didn't have any such customs holding us down and what if you were all alone and by yourself? Would you do what your heart wanted or would you still follow the rules?
Fear is created by the humans for the humans!

Break through and live because you will someday find it too late to have taken the wrong decision and followed the same rules.

Let go of society and customs, challenge customs, break rules and one day when you feel you've made it you'll be too far away from the winds of stupid people! Freedom is what we all crave!
Go wild and free!


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