MSBTE Summer Examination 2017 Results Tentative Dates

MSBTE Summer 2017 Exam Results Dates

MSBTE or Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education is a leading institute which aims at to provide high end technical education in the state Maharashtra. So the primary work of this institute includes preparation of curriculum and from time to time setting modification in it for the betterment of existing technical education level. It facilitates different programmes for the development of faculties as well as students. Different training programmes are undertaken which educates to its faculties new and effective way of teaching so that they can develop better students with good ranking as well as with better knowledge. In MSBTE exams for all the semester students are undertaken two times in a year. First one is Summer Semester and the second one is known as Winter Semester. The students who are going to appear in MSBTE Summer 2017 are eagerly waiting for the results date. Results can be checked on the official website of the Institute. As soon as the results date will be announced, we will be the first one to update the results date on our website.


MSBTE is a centre of technical education and the specialty of this institute lies in the fact that it always applies some innovative ideas and programmes that helps its students to grab the knowledge of next level of technical education. For the practical knowledge of its students, it organizes industry and institute interaction. This makes the students aware regarding how things get done practically in the industries and once they certified by the institutes and enter into industries they find that they are already aware of many things and this leads to get them accustom with the working environment easily. Apart from this there are many innovative development activities are organized, some of them are Conventions on National level, Foreign and Domestic collaborations, planning and executions of different perspective etc. MSBTE is an autonomous body and since its establishment the level of education provided by it is getting better and efficient. Its students are far more sharpen and intelligent with comparison to other similar institutes.

Steps to check MSBTE Summer 2017 Results Date:

The students who have appeared this year in MSBTE Summer session exam are looking for the result date. The result date for the summer exam will be revealed on its official website i.e. If you are looking for the MSBTE Summer 2017 results date then this is the right website for you. We are updating all the latest information regarding MSBTE exams. Once the results are out you can check it by following the below mentioned steps.

  • Open the link of MSBTE official website i.e.
  • Now click on the Result tab available on the website.
  • From dropdown menu select and click on the option “MSBTE Summer Result 2017”.
  • You need to enter your Roll Number and Date of Birth in order to check the result.
  • Now enter the security code and then click on button “Submit”.
  • In the redirected page you can see your result for MSBTE Summer 2017.
  • Save it in your desktop or take the printout of your result for further reference. 
Bookmark the link of this website for the updated news regarding the MSBTE Summer Result 2017.

MSBTE Winter 2017 Question Papers MSBTE Summer Time Table 2017 Results

Dear MSBTE Students,

I know you are looking for MSBTE Summer Winter 2017 examination preparation ways to hit the goal of your polytechnic engineering exam held in April/May 2017 well known as MSBTE Summer 2017 Exam.  Your Diploma Summer Winter Exam held during November-December has already declared the  MSBTE Winter 2017 Exam results in January/June month.

I hope you have cleared most of the semester pattern subjects in Winter 2016 exam and now you are going to prepare for Summer 2017 exam for that you should look for the previous year question papers so that the pattern of exam question papers is on view to the students what type of questions or how to prepare MSBTE examinations through the previous year question papers.

How To Get MSBTE Summer Winter Exam Previous Year Question Papers

Here, we have given simple help and guidelines to MSBTE students to know how to prepare board examination from old question papers and from where you can collect or download the previous year question papers of your semester examination.

Students, do you know you can download the MSBTE previous year question paper from the official website of MSBTE - www,

If you unable to download previous year question papers from the official website, you can find the same question papers in your college library.

If you do not find the old sample question papers in college library,then find the model or solved question papers at bookstall as many publications release the old or moc test question papers of all the semesters of polytechnic diploma engineer courses.

If you unable to get the model question papers or previous exam question papers then best way is to contact your seniors who can give you their last year or semester exam actual question papers which are 100% actual previous board examination papers as this is the original paper copy which your seniors attempted in the exam hall and if they have cleared / passed the subjects then you can collect the same or take xerox copy so that you can also distribute the same question paper to your colleagues.

Get Latest MSBTE University Updates at MSBTESWE20

Students, we are at providing the information of MSBTE Board University updates of Examination and Notifications which officially announces on the university website

We are always trying to give accurate information to the MSBTE university students so that they are get actual information from our website, however we advise to our users to cross check the same data with your actual or authenticate sources like college, official website of the MSBTE university before your examination or results.   Because, MSBTE university held all the rights to keep changing notification and same announces on their official website with further notices.

For example, MSBTE university may change your examination time table dates or re-arrange the time table, time, dates due to certain reasons so as being an old MSBTE student I personally suggest to my dear students of university, you should keep alert before the examination and keep check the latest updates from official sources only.

MSBTE Summer Winter 2017 Exam Results

Likewise, MSBTE Examination results dates first announces as tentatively and MSBTE declares the tentative date or week when they will announce the results of MSBTE Winter Summer examinations.   Students of the polytechnic should check the board university website portal where the scroller indicates the tentative dates of results.

MSBTE Winter Exam Summer Exam Time Table 2017

MSBTE also declares the tentative time table of Summer or Winter examinations so that students as well as collges should know and prepare the necessary things such as syllabus completion, moc test, college tests in time of the board examinations.    The tentative dates will be change as per need and the same notification will be available on the website of an university.

MSBTE University announces the tentative time table of Summer/Winter examination on the official website which can be available in following types -

MSBE Summer Winter Exam Form Online/Offline Submission

Dear Students, as soon as your university declares the previous exam results, your current semester examination form submission starts just after the declaration of the board results.

For example, if your Winter 2016 examination results is declared in January 2017, then the upcoming examination that is Summer 2017 examination form submission starts just after Winter exam results and the last date of form submission also announces in before which students have to submit winter backlogs as well as current semester exam forms with the exam fees.    Check the board examination fees with your college or refer the university guidelines.

MSBTE Exam Form Online Submission - : Do you know the way of online form submission of MSBTE summer winter examination?  If yes, please tell the same to your colleagues also because, I have no idea whether such option is available or not as there were no online form submission option when I was a student of MSBTE in last decade 2001-2010.

MSBTE Summer Winter Examination Hall Tickets

Students, as soon as you submitted the exam form, the university will dispatch hall tickets to your enrolled institute which you can collect just before few days or a week before exam from the institute where you have admission for polytechnic course of Diploma.

If you find any difficulty in hall ticket, then you can register the complaint to update the information printed on your hall ticket which university will update the database present in their office after providing the actual details.   You can also verify the details priinted on your hall ticket such as photo, name, enrollment number, seat number, institute code etc and if you have any doubts then you may contact your collge registrar who can help you to sort the problems.

So MSBTE Students Wish you all the best for Summer Winter Examination and Results will be best according to your study for that you need to download previous year semester question papers which can help to gain the number of marks as most time the previous year semester questions repeats in next exam so students have to prepare the same to attempt well marks.

Wish you all the best!!

Narcotic Drug Abuse - Everybody Needs Know Narcotic Drug Abuse Facts

This article is about how Narcotic Drug abuse or over dose can create a serious threat to life.   Read this article and know the facts that everybody should know of Narcotic Drug Abuse.


Opiods is medically use as powerful pain relievers.

Pain is one of the reasons why people seek immediate medical attention to the doctors. The Doctors will prescribe different types of medications in order to relieve the pain.



A person can become dependent on any opiod. Some people become dependent after starting their use for appropriate medically prescribed control of pain. Tolerance can develop after 2 to 3 days of continued use. People who develop tolerance may show few signs of drug use and function normally in their usual activities as long as they have accessed to the drugs.

OPIODS have many effects. It is a strong sedating drugs and cause people to become quiet and introspective (examination of one's own conscious thoughts and feelings). Opiods may also produce euphoria (a person experiences pleasure or excitement and intense feelings of well-being and happiness) sometimes simply because severe has finally been relieved. They dull pain and may enhance sexual pleasure. They also cause constipation (bowel movements that are infrequent or hard to pass); flushed or warm skin and lowered blood pressure; itching; constricted pupils; slow and shallow breathing; decrease heart rate and decrease body temperature. Opiods may caysecnfsion especially to older people.

Addiction to Opiods can lead to lung problems such as lung irritations from aspiration (inhalting saliva or vomit), pneumonia, abscesses and pulmonary embolism.

Addiction to Opiods can lead to neurologist problems because of the inadequate blood flow to thbain which lead to coma.Quinine is a common heroin contaminant its symptoms include double vision, paralysis and other nerve injury symptoms including Guillain-Barre syndrome.

Drug overdose presents a serious threat to life. It suppresses breathing and can cause the lungs to fill with fluids. Pregnant women should not take opiods because the heroin and methadone easily cross the placenta into the fetus. A newborn with addicted mother may quickly develop withdrawal symptoms including tremors, high pitched crying, jitters, seizures and rapid breathing.

Withdrawal symptoms can appear as early as 4 to 6 hours after opiod use stops and generally peak within 36 to 72 hours.

The first sign of withdrawal symptoms is rapid breathing, usually accompanied by yawning, perspiration, crying and a runny rose. Other signs include hyperactivity, a sense of heightened alertness, agitation, an increase heart rate, fever, dilated pupils, gooseflesh, tremors, muscle twitching, hot and cold flashes, muscle aches, loss of appetite, abdominal cramps, and diarrhea.

Emergency treatment: An opiod overdose is a medical emergency that must be treated quickly to prevent death. Breathing may require support, sometimes with a ventilator, if the overdose has suppressed breathing. A drug called NALAXONE is given intravenously as an antidote to the opiod.

Treatment is usually needed to lessen the symptoms of withdrawal. Symptoms of opiod withdrawal can also be relieved with a drug called CLONIDINE. However, clonidine may cause some side effects, including low blood pressure, drowsiness, restlessness, insomnia, irritability, rapid heartbeat and heahaches.

Life and Choices Motivational Story - Know How You Should Live in 2017!

We are alive but are we living?

Waking up everyday and going to the same place just because you have to!
Would you still do that everyday if you didn't have a loan to pay or those lectures didn't count for your academics?
If all you had were 10 days would you still do this or would you say Fuck it I'm out and runaway?
If it doesn't excite you everyday why would you do it?
We ain't ever living forever!
So why live a monotonous schedule and call it a life?
We are brought up with the rules and fear that shape us into the people who live and do the same thing everyday and call it a life!
Life ain't about the money you earned or the charts you climbed to the top!
Why do we crave for younger days?

Because you were fearless! If there was an unknown road you'll go because you didn't have that fear of falling! You didn't have the fear of what people will talk about you!
We spend our lives thinking about what others will say about us and end up in a circle ⭕ of the same stupid life.
We are scared to be lonely so we stay with the same people! We are scared of our customs and society so we end up with people who made that circle of a straight path which they followed and expect you to do the same.
They are the people that'll bring you down if you go rogue and start challenging the customs.
The atheists aren't scared! People fear god. If we did this it might hurt God's feelings and he might punish us? These rules are made by people not god! God is flexible, people aren't!
If we didn't have any such customs holding us down and what if you were all alone and by yourself? Would you do what your heart wanted or would you still follow the rules?
Fear is created by the humans for the humans!

Break through and live because you will someday find it too late to have taken the wrong decision and followed the same rules.

Let go of society and customs, challenge customs, break rules and one day when you feel you've made it you'll be too far away from the winds of stupid people! Freedom is what we all crave!
Go wild and free!

Solar Eclipse 2018: How To Watch Live Solar Eclipse 2018

This February month we see a date 26 February 2017 which is Solar Eclipse according to our Panchang Calendars data. Do you know more about Solar obscuration 2017, what number of Solar Eclipse there in 2017 year and which nation will see the immense scene of the Diamond Ring Solar Eclipse. Here is we have given data about how and Where to watch February's sensational cosmic occasion which we known as Sun Eclipse.

Solar Eclipse 2017 - Watch Live Streaming - 26 February

For your data, after February month the moon will go before the Sun and consequently a Solar Eclipse obvious in parts of Africa and South America.

With the goal that this is the time of a sensational Solar Eclipse obvious in South/Western Africa and parts of South America.

Live Watch Solar Eclipse February 26 2017 Online 

As the date is now known about Solar Eclipse through the schedules, On February 26, the moon will go before the Sun, leaving a corona of light Surrounding it. You can observe live gushing scene of Solar Diamond Ring Eclipse at your home just in the event that you have a place the said nations where the overshadowing is noticeable. Rest nations where there is no obvious shot of sunlight based can see an awesome scene online recordings or photographs transferred by the unmistakable nations picture takers.

You can likewise observe live sun powered shroud recordings on YouTube or can likewise transfer the recordings on the off chance that you have shoot the photographs or recordings of 2017 February Solar Eclipse.

Start and End of 2017 Solar Eclipse 

The Solar obscuration will start in Chile and disregard Argentina's Patagonia area before being obvious over the South Atlantic Ocean and in the end in Angola. It will end close to the outskirt of Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo at nightfall.

What number of Solar Eclipse in 2017 Year?

There are two Solar Eclipse occurring in 2017. In February month, it is the first of two sun oriented shrouds occurring in 2017, where there the second will happen over the USA on August 21.

Why Solar Eclipses Happens and What is the Reason - Know the Facts of Solar Eclipse 

Do you know, Solar obscurations are because of the moon's orbital tilt which causes it to go between the Earth and the Sun. Nonetheless, they happen once in a while in light of the fact that the moon circles at a point of 5 degrees off the Earth's own orbital plane around the sun and twists on a pivot that is really tilted towards our own planet.

In February month, the sun based shroud will start at 12:10 UTC, which will achieve its most extreme point at 14:58 UTC and set at 17:35 UTC. Obviously, up here in the furthest reaches of the northern side of the equator, the greater part of us won't have the capacity to witness the occasion.

The last sun powered shroud to be obvious in this nation occurred in 2015.

We won't see another overshadowing over these shores until June 10 2021. At that point an incomplete overshadowing will occur crosswise over Britain extending from half in northern Scotland to 30% in south-east England.

Watch Information About Mughal Gardens Delhi 2017 Public Openings Date and Time

About Mughal Gardens Delhi : Mughal Gardens is one of the most and top attraction in Delhi.   Every year, here at Mughal Gardens Udyanotsav is a month which is celebrated and in 2017 year the time of Mughal Gardens Udyanotsav is celebrated from 05 February 2017 to 12 March 2017 which is open for general public.

Generally, this garden is open from 12 February to 19 March every year, but this year the garden is open for public between 05 February to 12 March 2017.

The Mughal Gardens are the groups of beautiful gardens build by the Mughals in Islamic style of architectures and these gardens is located at Rashtrapati Bhavan premises which is the official residence of the Indian President.

Watch The Information and Videos of The Mughal Gardens Udyanotsav 2017 in Delhi, India

Below, we have given the details of Mughal Gardens Opening Time and how to reach this gardens if you wish to visit live to watch the gardens of Mughal Gardens in Udyanotsav in 2017 year.

Check below the Public visiting Time, address and details about Mughal Garden.

Mughal Gardens Full Address:-
Near North Avenue, Gate No. 35, Rashtrapati Bhawan, New Delhi, Delhi - 110004

Entry Fee:- There is No Entry Fees i.e. its Free for Everyone!

Timings for Public Visit :- Public Visiting Hours – 9:30 am to 4:00 pm.(5-Feb to 12-March)

Phone No (Official):- 011-23365358 / 011-24698431 / 011-23320342

Official Website: -

Camera and Phones Allowed or Not?: One should take the permission inside the garden, then you may allow to take snaps.

Nearest Metro Station: Central Secretariat Metro Station

Nearest Railway Station: New Delhi Railway Station is the nearest station for Mughal Garden

Entry and Exit Gate: It is from gate no.35

Nearest Airport: 12 Kms from IGI airport Delhi.

Closing day: Closed on Monday

Best Visit Time: 5-Feb to 12-Mar

Time Required for Explore: 1 to 3 hrs

Vehicle Parking Facility & Charges -  You can park which is free of cost at the Mughal Garden Entrance Gate No #35, however, there is the best way to park your car at India Gate and then take auto
Watch the Information About Mughal Gardens Delhi 2017 Public Openings Date and Time

Here, in this article, we have given brief information about Mughal Gardens is open for public and we have already mentioned the date and time when the Mughal Groups Gardens is open for Udyanotsav in February March month 2017.

The Gardens are open for public to visit from February to March every year.

There is free entry to the visitors and all the visitors are allowed for gardens on all days except Mondays.  

The entry time is from 09:30 AM to 04:00 PM.     The advance features in the gardens are includes Pools, Canals and Fountains which are located inside the Mughal Gardens.

According to need, the Mughal Gardens may remain closed on other days when important functions are arranged with in the premises of Mughal Gardens or on during the visit of Very Very Important Person to the public.   So if you are planning to visit Mughal Gardens you must check the openings time, date and check whether gardens are open or close on your visiting days, dates.  

Following is the complete address of Mughal Gardens where these gardens is located.

What is the Opening Time of the Mughal Gardens for Public in 2017?

Mughal Gardens are open for public from 5-Feb-2017 to 12-March-2017 from 9.30am to 4pm(except Monday). We advise to the visitors to ensure all things given in this articles which is all about this famous garden before visiting.

What is the Actual Location of the Mughal Garden?

The actual location of Mughal Gardens is near Rashtrapati Bhavan, India Gate, New Delhi and also it is nearer to Central part of Delhi.

How to Travel to Reach at Mughal Gardens, Delhi ?

By Delhi Metro : You can travel by Delhi Metro and Central Secretariat Metro Station is the nearest metro station for Mughal Gardens. The station is on Jahangir Puri - Central Secretariat metro line. Chandin chowk station is just after Kashmere Gate (ISBT) metro station.

By DTC Bus : Delhi transport corporation(DTC) Buses are available and you can easily get from Cannaught Place(CP) or ISBT or India Gate to Mughal Gardens.

Nearest Airport from Mughal Gardens : Indira Gandhi International Airport(IGI Airport).

Nearest Railway Station from Mughal Gardens : New Delhi Railway Station is the nearest railway station from Mughal Gardens.

Taj Mahotsav 2017 Schedule Dates Venue Ticket Price 2017 Online

Are you looking for the information about Taj Mahotsav 2017 held to the Agra's World Wonder - Taj Mahal.  The venue of Taj Festival is near to the eastern gate of Taj Mahal, Agra.   In this article you can know more about Taj Festival which is held in Agra, Taj Mahal along with the details of schedule, dates, visit time, tickets and pricing, and what is more about Taj Mahotsav held in 2017 year.

Taj Festival or Mahotsav is as its name suggests that a festival of ten long days to display Indian cultural and traditional.  This is the very famous festival which would like by many people who visit to witness and from far off and shores across come to visit this festival to see Indian Culture and Traditions.

Taj Festival Schedule Duration 2017

Taj Mahotsav scheduled for Ten Days and this year in 2017 Taj Festival dates are February 18 to February 27.  The season is also ideal to tour the city as the climate is good, cool for sightseeing and thus this is the reason to schedule the Taj Mahotsav in February month to given dates.

Taj Mahotsav Agra

Taj Festival 2017 Sightseeing - What to See in Taj Mahotsav?

History - Taj festival was started in 1992 year and from the year this festival has reached to great heights.   2017 year is the 16th year of Taj Festival which also figures in the Department of Tourism, Government of India calendar events.

Arts & Crafts - More than 400 legendary artisans from different part of the country get an opportunity to display their exquisite works of art.

Other most attractions of Taj Festival -

Fun Fair

Taj Mahotsav Entry 2017 - Taj Festival Tickets Pricing

Taj Mahotsav Entry 2017 and Entry Fee Ticket Price details of Taj Mahotsav

Adult: Rs. 50/- (per Person)
(Up to 5 years ) - Free
(5 years to 10 years) - Rs. 10/- (per Person)
Foreign Tourist: Free
●      For the group of 100 School children in school uniform, ticket is  Rs.500/- is charged in which two teachers have free entry.
●      There is no separate ticket for entry to cultural programs.
Tickets can be purchased from the Ticket windows available on all the Entry Gates.
NOTE: The visitors are requested to enter in queue and co-operate with the Taj Mahotsav security staff.

MonumentsFor Indian TouristFor Foreign Tourist
Taj Mahal3010405005001000
Taj Museum, Taj MahalNilNilNilNilNilNil
Agra Fort30104050050550
Fatehpur Sikri30104050010510
Akbar's Tomb Sikandra1552020010210
Mariyam Tomb, Sikandra15Nil15200Nil200
Ram Bagh15Nil15200Nil200
Mehtab Bag15Nil15200Nil200

Taj Festival 2017 Accommodation - Where To Stay?

If you are planned to tour Agra venues Taj Mahotsav, then you should know where to stay and what are the accommodation facilities available in Agra and where?

Government Accommodation
You can contact following person who may arrange accomodation for you.

Tourist Bungalow,  Raja-Ki-Mandi      

+91-562-2851720, 2850120
Taj Khema, Eastarn Gate, Taj Mahal

+91-562-2230001, 2330140
Youth Hostel, Sanjay Place, M. G. Road                   

Gulistan Tourist Complex, Fatehpur Sikri

Archeological Survey of India,  Fatehpur Sikri

Cheap Rate Hotels in Agra

As we know there are number of hotels available in Agra, ranging from the budget class to Luxury One in Star Category. You can get the full details with complete list of hotels from U.P. Tourism office or the UP Tourism official website:

Paying Guest Houses

You can also check the Paying Guest Houses, Guest Houses tariff cards rates with their phone number, number of rooms, number of beds, tarrif and food.

Paying Guest Houses                        
Guest Houses 
Phone No.
 No. of Rooms
No. of Beds
Tarrif + food
Mahatim Singh 71-Gulmohar
Enclave, Shamsabad Road, Agra
400 to 1200
Col. Indrajeet Singh Lamba,
58-Gulmohar Enclave,
Shamsabad Road, Agra
2480852 (Fax)
10400 to 1200
Sharma Paying Guest House
HIG-6, (Gr 14) Taj Nagri, Agra
10350 to 550
Col. Mahendra Pratap
102-Taj Nagri, Near TDI, Fatehabad Road, Agra
10800 to 1200
Smt. Madhu Raj Vansha
11- Kaveri Vihar, Phase III,
Shamsabad Road, Agra
10500 to 800
Gurcharan Singh
52 A, Gough Road, Agra Cantt, Agra
10850 to 1250
Dr. (Smt.) Chandra Singh
1-Kunwar Colony, Khandari Agra
10800 to 2500

For any help and information you can Contact TAJ Festival 2017 

Office of Secretary, Taj Mahotsav Samiti 
U.P. Tourism
64, Taj Road, Agra-282001
Phone: +91-562-2226431/ 2233056
Fax: +91-562-2226431
E-mail: |  

 Regarding/Contact Person/Mobile/ Phone

1. Secretary
Taj Mahotsav Samiti Mr. Dinesh Kumar 
(Deputy Director Tourism) +91-562-2226431
2. Sponsorship Mr. Pradeep Tamta
(Tourist Information Officer) +91-562-2226431
3. Cultural Programs Mohd. Irfan Khan 
(Assistant Tourist Officer)
Mr. Suresh Rawat
(Tourist Information Officer) +91-941265183 
4. Shilp Stalls Mr. Abhimanyu Kumar
(Assistant Statistics Officer)
5. Commercial Stalls Mr. Hemant Sharma
(Tourist Information Officer)
Mr. Shafi Mohammad 
6. Food Stalls Mr. Hemant Sharma
(Tourist Information Officer)
7. Tender & Notice
Mr. Shafi Mohammad
(Senior Assistant)